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Magicians, science and religion in the bishop’s sermon

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In Edward Burne-Jones’ version of the Adoration of the Magi, an angel holds the Star of Bethlehem.| Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

I know few Catholic leaders who are able to use social media and other technological tools to communicate faith with clarity, doctrine and depth as Robert Barron, Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles. Last Sunday, when the Epiphany of the Lord was celebrated in many countries – although the exact date of the celebration is the sixth day – Barron published his book Weekly sermon on YouTube He took the opportunity to talk about the myth of the struggle between science and faith.

Baron recalls that the wizards who came from the East to adore the new-born King of the Jews were the intellectual elite of their time and that for them the idea of ​​a conflict between science and religion would be something unimaginable, as it was also for many of the great minds who pushed the scientific revolution forward – even Galileo, who Many used it as the ultimate example of this supposed struggle. And see how well Baron moves between the history of witches and the thought of Benedict XVI and John Paul II, remembering that every scholar, deep down, searches for the Logos through his work and that the Catholic Church has always rejected faith that has done little out of intellectual anxiety, from philosophy, and then from Science.

In this January 6 snippet, let us savor Bishop Barron’s words and hope that they will reach especially the young people he referred to at the beginning of his homily, those who have been misled by the tempting false popular narrative of the conflict between science and faith.

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