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Maduro says talks with the opposition will begin in Mexico in August; The United States can participate – international

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro expects to set a negotiating table with opposition parties in Mexico this Saturday (24), with Norway mediating, with the US government “potentially” participating.

“We have already changed a complex, difficult agenda in advance. We have reached an agreement on the sites for the start of the dialogue. I hope this table can be established in Mexico in early August.” He featured the president in an interview with the channel.

In other cases, more than 50 countries consider the president to be in charge of the country in talks with the opposition, led by Juan Guide, after failing to recognize Maduro’s re-election in 2018, which they consider fraud.

Maduro had conditioned his contribution to the suspension of sanctions, which included a embargo on Venezuelan oil, which closed its financial avenues amid a severe economic crisis.

“We are close now, I would say: from 1 to 10 we have reached 9, and in the next few days, in these talks, it is still a secret, in which the Norwegian government participates, if a firm agreement is reached,” the president said.

He also said he was ready to negotiate with the government. It calls for an election schedule that includes presidential elections in exchange for a “progressive suspension” of sanctions.

The United States and the European Union have already stated their willingness to reconsider compulsory measures if they hold discussions in favor of “credible” elections.

Maduro assured that Venezuela is precisely preparing to celebrate the elections of mayors and governors on November 21, which it seeks to regain international recognition.

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The opposition, which has split and boycotted the 2018 presidential and 2020 legislative elections, faces confusion over whether to participate.

The last time the government and the opposition spoke at the negotiating table was in Barbados in 2019, funded by Norway. These conversations ended without contracts.

These new conversations are being made after the arrest of Freddie Guevara, a close associate of Quid who was accused of terrorism and treason.