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Madeleine’s Case: “I knew it wasn’t her,” says one woman who helped a Polish woman

Madeleine’s Case: “I knew it wasn’t her,” says one woman who helped a Polish woman

Via Johansson (left) says she knew Julia Faustina wasn’t Madeleine McCann | Image: RadarOnline/Reproduction

The mystery of what happened to Madeleine McCann after that continues One A DNA test confirms that the young Polish woman, Julia Faustina, is not British who disappeared at the age of three. After the announcement of the result, this Wednesday (5), the private investigator and mediator Via Johansson, who was helping the Polish woman, He revealed that he knew all along that the young woman was not Madeleine.

“I always believed Madeleine was alive, but when I traveled to Poland, I learned that Julia is not her. I know all the turmoil Julia is going through. She is immature and couldn’t recognize who she is. She needs a solution,” Johansson says. In an interview with the British newspaper, The Mirror. The investigator also confirmed that Julia needed care.

“She is now with her father and I will continue to talk to her. I think she needs protection. Her mother is like poison and she could have done a DNA test easily. The parents could have calmed her down. The mother knew her daughter had mental disorders. Julia’s mother refused to take a DNA test.” She claimed that the young woman was her biological daughter. Her relatives also said that she refuses to take medication to treat her conditions.

Madeline’s parents, Kate and Jerry McCannbreaking the silence years after the DNA test result’, but only to point out that “there is nothing to report at the moment. If and when there is one, it will come from the Metropolitan Police.” Detective Via Johansson confirmed that Julia’s allegations helped bring the missing girl’s case back to light. “If Julia hadn’t done things the way she did, there would be no interest in Madeleine’s case. Next time, it could be Madeleine,” he told The Mirror.

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