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Luxa cites ‘strong mental fatigue’ and laments Corinthians’ loss to America-MG: ‘Bad game’ |  Corinthians

Luxa cites ‘strong mental fatigue’ and laments Corinthians’ loss to America-MG: ‘Bad game’ | Corinthians

After Corinthians were defeated 2-0 by America-MG, on Saturday, in Belo Horizonte, in the ninth round of the Brazilian Championship, coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo linked Timao’s performance with emotional exhaustion in the middle of the week, when the match turned against Atletico Madrid. -MG, won the penalty shootout and took to the stage in the Brasil Cup.

– I wanted to give continuity and knowledge to the team of three defenders, to provide security and release players for the match. We have a lot of time, I knew that today we would have a fall, that’s normal. They come in with hits, they hit, they grow, they play a great game, a wave no one believes, and the passion is running high there. I tried to convince and motivate people for the game, but the mental side, the need to strive for a result against Atlético, prevailed, it had a strong mental corrosion,” Luxa analyzed.

See the interview with Vanderlei Luxemburgo, from Corinthians, after the defeat against America-MG

Luxembourg in America – MG vs Corinthians – Photo: Rodrigo Coca / Ag.Corinthians

The coach admitted that the duel with América-MG was bad, but now he wants to show Wednesday’s game against Independiente del Valle in Ecuador for CONMEBOL Libertadores. Timão needs a win to continue his chances of qualifying for the last 16 of the tournament.

América-MG 2 x 0 Corinthians – Highlights – Round 9 of the 2023 Brazil Championship

For the Brazilian championship, the Corinthians Back on the field on Saturday, 6:30pm, against Cuiaba, for the 10th round of the competition, at New Quimeca Arena.

“Corinthians can’t play away from home,” says Carica Bertaglia of Voice of the Crowd

See more responses from Luxembourg:

Possession of the ball and difficulty in finishing

– Dude… wow… this proactive, reactive thing is so hard, you want to analyze which team is going to win the game as proactive. Then you get 32%, 35%, go out there and score two goals and win the game. I understand this football thing, it’s vertical. I’ve never seen a target on either side. There are times when you need to be vertical, so you have to be proactive and reactive… I remember a segment, in this relationship, with Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Champions League final, in which Barcelona had a lot of ball possession and lost by 4. Vertical.

– Forget that we have a goal there and another here. My head and record. The game was going the way you were going. Was America better physically and more prepared than us? No, but she locked in well and played on our mistakes. And he’s got a dead ball, which in a game like this decides the game.

Protest against Codit, by Gallo, and analysis by American-MG

– Man, I don’t want to go into the merits of Coudet, each one knows how to do their job, I don’t want to analyze the work of others. I lost to America, just like I lost to Atlético MG last month. Football, man. America played very closely, we created a rather uncomfortable situation, we could have advanced for Fabio, the defensive midfielders did not get the ball from the defenders. This was something I could talk about that could go a little further.

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– America played close and took the lead from the goal kick and we did a good job with three defenders. I thought the match would happen the way it did. Maximum penalty kick, sneezing ball on a player as talented as Pedro got the penalty kick. It was a truncated, drawn game that both teams had a lot going for in another contest. This is how I put football.

Z-4 Playstyle and distance

– America played the way they understand it to be the best. We knew how they played. It wasn’t surprising, we had more takeover, but the takeover factor, without being aggressive. She wasn’t aggressive. It was spinning from behind and should come forward a bit. Momentum teams in the competition and the last match. There was a lot of physical and emotional wear and tear. If it were another case, with a free week, it would be another game. Mancini prepared the team well, playing on the counter attack.

– I said the following: I have to get out of the upset. I need fat to burn, but I can’t hit guys. I already imagined it would be more or less like that.

– 10 matches? Again with that thing, man? Man… Football is a projection table, an analysis table. Each match is a decision in the Brazilian championship is very long. You have to motivate every game and we have parallel competitions. We have to be calm, because there is a charge to go on. I’d rather stay in this 10-game thing… I have a contract until the end of the year, I have an obligation to do something Corinthians Make a good Brazilian, a good Libertadores and a good Copa Brazil. After 10 games, they’ll ask about the next 10 (laughs).

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