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Lula defends his agreement with specialists and telemedicine at SUS

Lula defends his agreement with specialists and telemedicine at SUS

The Labor candidate said: “A doctor in London can consult someone in Brazil, but this is only for the wealthy.”

Former President of the Republic and candidate for the Planalto Palace Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (EN), This Thursday (1st batch 2022), I defended (EN) SUS agreements with medical professionals and the use of telemedicine.

“We need SUS to make an agreement with the network of specialists so that everyone, regardless of their social status or color, has access to medicines. Including telemedicinesaid the Labor Party.

A doctor in London can consult anyone in Brazil, but this is only for the wealthy. For the poor, it’s always a closed door, always no”said the candidate.

Lula made the remarks at a campaign rally in Belem. He was accompanied by his wife Rosângela da Silva, better known as Ganga, and political allies such as:

Local political leaders also participated in this law:

Despite being Lola’s ally, Helder did not attend the rally. He said that because his party has a candidate for Senate President Simon Tibet (MDB-MS).

However, he participated in a Date Lula with representatives of the culture sector earlier.

Watch the entire PT rally in Belem (1 hour 52 minutes):

The speeches were interrupted several times to announce on the podium the need for firefighters to attend the sick in public places.

Lula himself made an intervention of the sort:

“Guys, if there’s a doctor here. If you have a doctor, a nurse. There are sick people near that shirtless boy there. There are sick people. I understand why the temperature is so high, and I understand why there is no water to drink there, I understand you’re suffocating.”

The Labor candidate will still have an appointment in the capital of Pará on Friday (September 2, 2022). At nine in the morning he must meet the Aboriginal leaders.

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Then she flies to São Luis (MA), where she holds an early evening gathering. This is the last leg of the trip.

Prior to Belem, Lula was in Manaus (AM) on Wednesday (August 31). He visited the Honda factory in the Free Trade Zone, met with Aboriginal leaders and spoke at a rally.

Read about Lula’s visit to Manaus:

Speaking in Manaus, PT said he will return to Sao Paulo after the trip that ends in Maranhão.

He also mentioned the northeastern states (without mentioning anything specifically), Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Parana as potential campaign destinations in the coming weeks.

The last search Datereleased on Wednesday (August 31), Labor shows 44% of voting intentions against 36% of Jair Bolsonaro (pl). The margin of error is 2 percentage points.

Count only the North region, Lula 47% versus Bolsonaro’s 37%. Although they are numerically distant brands, it is an artistic association. In this cut, the margin of error is 6 points.

The survey was conducted by Dategroup company Power360 . journalismwith its own resources. The results were published in an editorial partnership with TV Cultura.

The data was collected from August 28-30, 2022, through calls to mobile phones and landlines. There were 3,500 interviews in 308 municipalities in 27 units of the union. The margin of error is 2 percentage points. The confidence interval is 95%. TSE registration is BR-06922/2022.