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Lukas Buda exposes the financial crisis and rules out returning to work as a teacher · TV News

Lukas Buda exposes the financial crisis and rules out returning to work as a teacher · TV News

Lucas Henrique Ferreira, known as Buda, complained about the lack of opportunities and publicity after BBB 24. The capoeirista explained that he was facing a financial crisis, said that he was indebted to his team and believed that the divorce from Camila Moura affected his situation after that. -reality. Despite this, the former brother does not intend to return to teaching physical education.

Carioca ended up getting involved in a controversy over his approach to Giovanna Bittel on the show, which culminated in his ex-wife asking for a divorce. He added: “My breakup affected this post, of course.”

“Everything that happened inside the house had an impact. What happened outside, when I was locked up, had an impact. Now it's time to manage all this chaos, this danger I put myself in and try to act in the best way I can to avoid it.” He concluded his speech in an interview with Kim magazine, saying: “I achieve the best results within the scenario I have.”

Lucas also mentioned that he was unable to close many advertising deals: “Ads don't come out very often. There are few opportunities, but I'm taking advantage of them to do it the best way I can.”

The capoeirista has a team of six people to help him on social media. “I am indebted to them all. These are people who believe in my work, and also look up to it. They work so that we can do really great things for the Brazilian people. “These people are investing in me, hoping for a return.”

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Buda also claimed that the Pipoca group is at a disadvantage of confinement with respect to the Camarotes. He commented, “We have difficulty making changes in a short period of time. Some are more structural, others are less, and it is difficult for everyone.”

The former brother ended up being fired from the teaching competition by the city of Rio de Janeiro after not showing up for work during his three months on the reality show.

“I think I won't go back to teaching. This career as a content producer is so much more about promoting the vision that I have to expand my voice. In the classroom I talk to 40 students, and online I can reach about a million people,” she compared.