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Luiza Magazine: Know your credit card and see how to order it

Luiza Magazine: Know your credit card and see how to order it

a Louisa Shops It offers a credit card with its incorporation into the company app. The tool has no annual fees and grants cashback on a MagaluPlay digital account for purchases at partner stores.

The Magalu credit card is created in partnership with Banco Itaú, and is distributed by Fintech Luizacred. The tool is released under the Visa banner, providing all the benefits of the Visa program and Visa Platinum.

Additionally, there is no annual fee on the card. However, the application for the second copy of the card is subject to a fee of R $ 9.90 per event. Given the limit-type withdrawal at the self-service terminals, a fee of R $ 12 will be charged for each withdrawal.

In terms of awarding the card, Magalu did not specify the score. However, the applicant’s credit is analyzed in the protection systems. In addition, it is necessary that the party concerned has an income of at least R $ 800.

Access Card Functions

Card usage and functionality can be monitored through the Cartão Luíza app available in stores on Android and iOS. With it, shopping list, available limit, digital invoice and benefits can be checked.

Advantages of a Magalu credit card

In general, the advantages of the Magazine Luiza Card are:

  • It does not have an annual fee;
  • Offers a cashback program.
  • Installments of up to 24 interest-free installments;
  • Integration with the brand application.

Disadvantages of a Magalu credit card

In short, the disadvantages of the tool are:

  • Minimum income requirements;
  • Extended installment payments and specific cashback for purchases at Magalu;
  • It does not have the Itaucard points program.
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How to apply for a Magalu credit card?

To obtain a Magalu credit card, the interested party must apply for it through the application or the official website of Luíza magazine. In practice, it will be necessary to provide personal data, such as full name, email, CPF, date of birth, main gross income, gender, marital status and phone number, for example.