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Luísa Sonza makes a decision about Chico’s music after breakup and betrayal · TV News

Luísa Sonza makes a decision about Chico’s music after breakup and betrayal · TV News

Luisa Sonza revealed that she will continue singing the song Chico, which was composed in honor of Chico Moedas, in performances, even after the difficult end of the relationship. The 25-year-old singer confirmed the end of the relationship live on Mais Você on the 20th and cried when reading a text about infidelity.

But the disappointment did not prompt the artist to remove the song from her playlist. “It’s about art. It’s about music. It’s about the love inside me. That’s why I’m here,” the blonde said.

With a bossa nova-inspired beat, Chico mentions excerpts from the song Fulhitim, written by Chico Buarque and celebrated by Gal Costa (1945-2022).

The chorus “Chico, if you want me, I’m one of those women you fall in love with” went viral on social media. The song reached the top of the most streamed songs in Brazil on Spotify and also ranked 27th in the platform’s global rankings.

Luísa intends to focus on promoting the album Escândalo Íntimo, which was released in August. “The album is a journey into my subconscious, where fears, pain and memories emerge… The process of creating this album ended up being a way to put all of this out there and affirm to myself my strength and vulnerability.” He explained in an interview with the GZH website.

The singer explained the message she wants to convey with her new work: “Never be afraid to show your true identity and follow what you want.”

Luisa and Chico started dating in July this year. After rumors of a crisis, the singer surprised by revealing the separation in an interview with Ana Maria Braga. She made an emotional revolution about the feelings surrounding adultery.

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“Betrayal, breach of agreement, respect, trust, enthusiasm, and concern, are unlikely to continue to be normal. Punctual error. Only those who have been betrayed know the pain they feel, which happens, and which provokes, what they call a punctual error.” “, she began.

“It’s the destruction of self-esteem, the doubt, the insecurity that something like that causes. Betrayal makes you invalidate yourself. It makes you feel stupid, foolish, a clown, a fool. It’s a pain that’s impossible to explain. It’s a breach of trust in others, a fear of trust,” he added. People have a broken dream.” At the end of the reading, Ana Maria Braga was crying.

Chico Moedas has removed his WhatsApp and Instagram accounts after being attacked on social media. The boy confessed to cheating on Casemiro Miguel, a streamer who befriended him and the person responsible for revealing the matter to the public.

After the repercussions of the end of her relationship, the artist chose to stay away from the Internet and deleted social networking sites from her cell phone to focus on promoting her new album. Artist profiles are managed by her team.