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Lucas Ramos says Pernambuco prioritizes science, technology and innovation and serves as a model for Brazil

Lucas Ramos says Pernambuco prioritizes science, technology and innovation and serves as a model for Brazil

Lucas Ramos highlights Facepe’s new investment record: “Pernambuco shows Brazil how to prioritize science, technology and innovation”

The Foundation for Science and Technology Support of the State of Pernambuco (FACEPE) broke another historic record in investment. In 2021, 30 public notifications were launched, the total public contributions amounting to R$78 million. The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Lucas Ramos, highlighted that FACEPE was crucial to the state’s economic recovery process. “We are showing Brazil that giving priority to public science, technology and innovation policies is to ensure effectiveness in combating inequality and promoting social, economic and sustainable development“.

The volume of investments in 2021 is 30% higher than last year, when FACEPE already set a historic record of investments of R$ 60 million. Today, FACEPE is the main implementer of Secti programmes, such as Forma.AI, Lócus da Inovação and PróStartups, demonstrating the power to achieve results from a greater synergy between the associated institution and the Secretariat, one of the hallmarks of the current management.

In Academic Scholarships, currently, 3,800 researchers and postgraduates are offered, generating monthly stipends of R$4.5 million. “With the support of Secti, Facepe has also expanded its efforts in the assimilation of scientific research and the development of new technologies, direct support of young scientists and pioneering initiatives in social innovation.Lucas Ramos reinforced.

Of the R$ 78 million invested in 2021, R$ 71 million came from the state government, and R$ 7 million came from partnerships signed with the various partner bodies of the Foundation. With the investment, research and development projects were contemplated, covering topics from social studies to the latest technologies, with resources released in the form of economic support for companies for laboratory infrastructure.

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