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Lucas Leiva's wife celebrates agreement with Grêmio: 'Giant desire to collaborate' |  Syndicate

Lucas Leiva’s wife celebrates agreement with Grêmio: ‘Giant desire to collaborate’ | Syndicate

Lucas Leiva’s wife confirmed the steering wheel arrangement with Syndicate In a social media post. Ariana stated that the player had a “giant desire to collaborate” and made the choice with “heart”.

The function makes the agreement formal even before any semblance Syndicate or the player. The wife used a photo of Lucas with the kids, all in soccer jerseys. Syndicateplus a picture of Lucas’ first time at the club.

Lucas Leiva wearing a Grêmio shirt – Photo: personal archive

In the text, Ariana values ​​Lucas’ history with FC Rio Grande do Sul, for which he was formed and played between 2005 and 2007. In addition, she values ​​their relationship and weighs this on the choice made to return in 2022.

– A new chapter begins, a new story! When the choice is by heart, there is no way to go wrong. Driven by challenge, full of enthusiasm and great desire to cooperate with Syndicate. Life, you are our greatest pride and we long to live it with you! This partnership is old, with respect, dedication and discipline! I am 100% confident that everything will work out! God bless us and give him give him triple colors! Ariana wrote in the post.

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