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Lucas Henrique's wife deletes photos and closes profile after statement by Beetle · TV News

Lucas Henrique's wife deletes photos and closes profile after statement by Beetle · TV News

Camila Moura, wife of BBB Buddha 24 Lucas Henrique, has restricted access to her Instagram account and deleted photos of her husband with her. At the concert held on Friday (the first), the capoeirista dedicated the song “Baiana”, by Emesida and Caetano Veloso, to Giovanna Bittel and implied that he was confused by his feelings.

Saturday morning (2), after what happened at the party the news He tried to contact Camila, whom the capoeira teacher married eight years ago, but received no response.

But over the weekend, photos in which the pair appeared together on the brother's Instagram account were removed. Camila's profile, which was open, has been turned into a private account. The report requested that Buda's wife be contacted again, and if there is a response, this text will be updated.

What happened between Buddha and Beetle?

The conversation between the participants took place during the program's gala, in which Wesley Savadow was the main attraction. The professor said that before entering the reality show, he did not plan to create feelings for other confined people. “Here I feel something I thought I would never feel. I thought: 'I'm not going there for that,'” Buda said.

“I'll go there so that I don't feel anything for anyone, only for myself,” Giovanna replied. “Cold and calculated. Do what you have to do and go home with R$3 million,” Buda continued. “We are very naive. Twenty-four editions, does this mean that no one has ever thought: 'I'm cold, calculating and damned, I'll vote for everyone,' and come here and do everything differently?” , she added.

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“But I'll tell you just one thing: 'Biana, you've spoiled me, I've gone crazy with the color of the nago, your guide.' True. This conversation ends here,” the teacher sang. “Stop. She died here, she shouldn't have even been born,” the participant asked.