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Lucas Costa overcame two surgeries to accumulate jiu-jitsu titles in the United States

Lucas Costa overcame two surgeries to accumulate jiu-jitsu titles in the United States

Rio de Janeiro-born brown belt Lucas Costa, 25, is another Brazilian who moved to the United States in search of the opportunities jiu-jitsu offers. In addition to hosting worlds, the United States hosts major championships and several jiu-jitsu academies.

Brown belt Lucas Costa shines with four gold medals at the Salt Lake City Open (Photo: Personal Archives)

Photo: Launch!

Currently training at the Serao Academy in California (USA) led by black belt Leopoldo Serao, Lucas Costa is coming off a season of titles and medals at US Nationals – G & No-G -, San Diego Open, Salt Lake City Open. Among other events, and comment on the process of change.

– I’m still dealing with it, it’s really hard because I really like the Carioca ‘lifestyle’, I really miss the beach and everything, but I can’t deny that the comfort and quality of life here are the strengths that make California. A great place to live. “I see it as a process where I have to go through some time to learn to evaluate my path as an athlete and as a person,” said the brown belt.

Before coming to Serao Academy, Lucas Atos spent a season at Jiu-Jitsu RJ. There, he trained with big names, especially the tough Davey Ramos, a former UFC fighter and team manager.

– It was a period that added a lot to my life, both in terms of friendship and strength training. There were many of us in the program and it was an amazing experience. Being able to live in the Academy, sharing days and ideas with Sensei Davey Ramos, teachers Ari Farias, Darlan Kazaka and Jonas Lisboa with Master Alexandre Carrera, always very involved in competitions, with a lot of background and experience. A year where the whole team achieved great results – Lucas Costa recalls the team’s move to America:

– This opportunity came through a bridge with Master Walter Mello, who is now also a member of Atos-Rio. To fight in local tournaments and learn more about jiu-jitsu, I became a blue belt for the first time, I was able to become a champion and see how the sport was rated.

Today, Lucas Costa’s dream is to settle in America and live the fine art. For this he is doubly dedicating himself. However, for those who have overcome two knee injuries, nothing is impossible and the Brazilian believes he has taken the first step towards the life he has always wanted.

– I had two operations on my knee, once on the right and once on the left, and I had the help of Raffles and countless collaborators, who was my teacher for a long time. He organized seminars, social assistance, so that I could function. I envisioned my life as a teacher or working in some federation, but thanks to God, I got through these two surgeries and was able to continue the career of an athlete as I always wanted – Lucas Costa added:

– In the sport that changed my life, I want to be an example to others, to help my family and those I love, to inspire them to understand that Jiu-Jitsu can help you, regardless of their life goals. Make better decisions and withstand situations of emotional or physical stress – he concluded.

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