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Luana Piovani shows the result of facial symmetry

Luana Piovani shows the result of facial symmetry

Luana Biovani, who is spending a season in Brazil, showed on social media the result of the facial contouring performed at a clinic in Rio de Janeiro.

“I know you can’t see it yet, but I’ve already totally remade it. The cheekbone is 15 years old, the chin, the contour, the butoko, the butko, the butoko. Today we didn’t do the little neck because we’re going to do something else, then we can’t do something And I’m going to do some small work to give the bleaching, a pulsating light that will reduce these spots that I’m here,” he said in a series of stories on Instagram.

The actress also commented on the criticism that this procedure received in some cases. “People say, ‘Oh, facial symmetry.’ People say ‘You don’t do anything, right Luana? What I do is facial symmetry. Facial symmetry is when you coordinate your face. Facial symmetry is ‘wrong’. It’s asymmetry. Because When you observe him, it is because there is no harmony.”

Luana listed the issues that come up in some bad formats and left a tip for fans.

“When you see the mouth open, a quail egg, and then the mouth pulls, and then a little mucus comes out, you understand? Or it turns into Varginha’s ET. No, folks! No! I don’t notice. Understand? We’re using the term wrong. Hashtag is the advice.” “Let’s make it normal. You can’t be 45 and look 20, can you guys? Look at your head! You have to be very mentally healthy.”

Finally, she praised the doctor in charge of the operation, Dr. Andre Braz. “Thank you my love!”

Luana Piovani shows the result of facial symmetry

Photo: Playback / Instagram

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