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Low testosterone?  Be careful!  You can develop this disease

Low testosterone? Be careful! You can develop this disease

A study by the University of Western Australia has made an important discovery that could change the way we study Alzheimer’s disease. This is because the group of researchers found that there is a link between the disease and Low levels of testosterone.

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During the research, the medical records of 159,411 men, with an average age of 61 years, were analyzed. The seven-year data collection process showed that 826 patients analyzed advanced dementia, of whom 288 Alzheimer’s disease.

The men who suffer from this problem are those who suffer from Low testosterone. The result showed that the risk of developing dementia is higher in men with this condition, by approximately 43%, and in the case of Alzheimer’s disease the probability rises to 80%.

The study, published in Alzheimer’s and Dementia, notes that “those who developed dementia during follow-up were older, had fewer college qualifications, and had a greater history of depression, traumatic brain injury, and substance abuse.”

Finally, it is important to note that the average age of dementia diagnosis was in the 70-year-old, however, during the study, 676 of the men who participated in the research had some brain-related problem as early as 65 years of age.

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