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Andrés Manuel López Obrador

López Obrador argues that the US and Venezuela are resuming relations

Countries face migration crises; Illegal immigrants in Venezuela are being deported back to Mexico

President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obradorargued that America And Venezuela Re-establishment of diplomatic relations. Countries are facing a migrant crisis. A report was issued during this Interview with journalists This Friday (21.Oct.2022).

In August, Venezuelans made up 12% of illegal immigrants entering Mexico. The United States has announced restrictions on the arrival of new immigrants from the South American country More immigration check posts and transfer of police officers.

“Re-establishment of relations between the US government and the Venezuelan government is essential.”he said.

In an effort to reduce illegal immigration, the US government has also granted humanitarian visas to 24,000 Venezuelans. Mexico’s president argues that the US should issue more visas and temporary permits.

“The US government’s decision to issue these permits, which I think people don’t need to cross, is very dangerous.”Lopez Obrador said.

Venezuelans who entered the US illegally have been deported and sent to Mexico. “We will support the people in our territory as we have always done, with shelter, food and medical facilities”he said.

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