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London Zoo hires a CT scanner to examine lions |  world and science

London Zoo hires a CT scanner to examine lions | world and science

The Asian lion is an endangered speciesWikipedia

Published on 11/07/2022 1:50 PM

How do you treat a 12-year-old endangered lion with chronic ear pain? London Zoo, 11, said Monday it had hired a CT scanner to find out the cause of cats’ frequent ear infections. Computerized tomography (CAT) equipment allows for diagnostic examinations through x-rays and has been rented to prevent Bhanu, a 180-kilogram Asian lion, from having to be sedated and taken off-site for examinations.

“First, we had to find out the cause of the problem and urgently rule out worst-case scenarios, such as a tumor or deep infection, which would show up immediately on a CT scan,” said veterinarian Tina Strike.

She explained that the zoo decided to intervene as part of a long-term treatment plan for the animal. A full VIP treatment, bringing a CAT scanner to a large cat for the first time, so I could see her ear more deeply without having to travel,” he said.

The lion was drugged so it could be scanned in the back of a truck. Six team members put it on the machine. According to experts, the problem was in the left ear canal too narrow, prone to obstructions and infections. “Like domestic cats, older cats can also develop ear infections, which are usually treated with drops,” explained Strike.

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