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Lola wrapped company in Argentina

On his visit to Argentina this week, Mr. President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Accompanied by a notorious Labor member who, V.J Lava Jato processaccused of winning a luxury Miami apartment from a lobbyist.

The former President of the Chamber, the Federal Representative from Rio Grande do Sul, Marco Maia, traveled at the Chamber’s expense to Buenos Aires and there, joined the group that accompanied the President. He even stayed at the same hotel as Lola.

In the column, Maya’s office reported that he had participated in the trip as a member of the presidential delegation, and then the deputy said that he had been invited by Lula himself.

“It would have been out of respect from the president had it not been for me because I was Speaker of the House and now I have resumed my waiver,” he said.

However, the Presidency of the Republic denied that Maya was among the members of his accompanying delegation. He was then asked about the status of his participation in official events in the Argentine capital, and he no longer responded.

View from the South Tower at The Point in Miami: The apartment has a boat dock

Marco Maia’s name appeared in investigations into aberrations in the Ministry of Planning during the government of Dilma Rousseff. In an award-winning conviction, lobbyist Alexander Romano, who is accused of operating the initial product, says a Miami apartment was purchased and registered in the name of one of his companies, and Maia was the real owner — Romano, better known as “Champigno,” so it’s kind of a luxury “orange.” The deputy who denied at the time that he is the owner of the property.

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Before the conviction, the investigation collected evidence that Maya was a frequent visitor to the apartment. The 164 square meter property, in a luxury condominium on the edge of Miami, was purchased for US$671,000 – over R$3.4 million in current values. “It was an empty conviction,” the deputy now defends. He says the investigations were unsuccessful.

Marco Maia is back in the room for the lightning season, which only lasted a month. As a replacement, he took at the beginning of the year the vacant position of Paolo Pimenta, and rose to the post of Minister of the Lula Secretariat of Communications.