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Lola plans to terminate FGTS as payroll security

Lola plans to terminate FGTS as payroll security

The government of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Workers’ Party) is analyzing the possibility of ending the idea of ​​using the Stop Compensation Fund (FGTS) as a guarantee for the payroll. The method was launched in the government of former President Jair Bolsonaro.

Namely, the idea is now being analyzed specifically by the Minister of Labour, Louise Marineau (Pt.).

Under the current rules, citizens can commit up to 10% of the FGTS, if they wish, as a form of collateral for the employment of payroll loans. Currently, he can also provide up to 100% of the fine amount paid by the employer as a security for receiving the payroll from the bank.

The Ministry of Labor considers that the system in question will only be beneficial to financial institutions, and will only harm workers. from here, Federal government He is considering the possibility of ending this rule for contracts signed on the mission from now on.

It should be noted that this is the second change that the current federal government intends to implement in the FGTS system. In recent interviews, the Minister of Labor has made it clear that he intends to finalize the severance pay fund anniversary withdrawal method in the first half of this year.

According to the behind-the-scenes information gathered by the Metropoles portal, the Federal Government is considering the possibility of announcing the end of the FGTS withdrawal at Christmas and the end of using the fund’s money as collateral for one-time loans. The announcement can be made at an event at the Planalto Palace.

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It is important to stress that such ideas are still up for debate. In recent interviews, Luiz Marino has said he still needs to take these proposals to the Board of Trustees of the Downtime Compensation Fund.

In addition, even if Marinho succeeds in persuading the council to end the two regimes, the changes should only affect contracts signed henceforth, not contracts already in force.

Thus, a citizen who is already part of the FGTS withdrawal method for birthdays, for example, does not have to worry about the current movement. No matter what the board of trustees decide, it will follow within the rules of the contract it signed.


The FGTS is a type of Sadu that belongs to the worker, and accumulates with the monthly deposits made by the national employers throughout his life.

Even if the money belongs to the worker, the fact is that the release of the money only takes place under certain conditions. Dismissal without just cause, for example, is one of the moments when a worker can use the scale.

There are also a number of other predictions for the use of money. For example, residents of the northern coast of São Paulo have just received the right to use the amount. At least five cities in the region entered a state of emergency due to the heavy rains that left dozens dead and displaced thousands in the region.