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Livia Andrade talks about differences with Petala Barreros: “I’m risking my life’

Livia Andrade Talk about disagreements involving his name with the name petal barreros, current ex-boyfriend, Marcos Araujo. In an interview with columnist Leo Dias, of the Metrópoles website, the presenter said that her life was in danger.

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The story began when Livia accompanied her boyfriend during a DNA test, which Marcus did to find out if he was the father of Pettala’s son, 9-month-old Lucas.

Yanka, the influencer’s sister, shared the photo that mocked the presenter’s presence outside the venue. “Elder, I was denied entry. Well your face, right? Marcos, you are so expected, this whole show, with over four armed security guards terrorizing me, my sister and 9-month-old Quinhas.”

Livia counterattacked by recalling the fact that in 2011 Petala’s father, Altermir Barreros, was arrested on suspicion of attempting to steal jewelry in the interior of São Paulo, along with his brother Altair.

Petal replied that Marcus was using Livia to attack her and her family. “Again, my ex is hiding behind his girlfriend to confront me. And again, since the beginning of the year, she’s been trying to reach my father. I’m so nervous, because I can’t stand the accusations against my father,” Petala said.

As for Leo Dias, Livia said that she received thousands of letters every day with insults and threats directed at her, that she felt she was in danger of life, and that she feared Petala’s father and mother, Eunice Maria Barreros, who also admitted to the court of his involvement in the crimes of ideological lies.

“How far can a man reach through fame, through participation? People do everything, create things to be famous, to be seen. (…) People began to send me, when I began to be bombarded and attacked, I received a lot of information. The presenter says: People sent me things to be careful, and people were warning me.

She continues, “I started to get scared because I saw that I was involved in a plan. I destroyed the family plan [ao namorar o empresário Marcos Araújo]. It was as if I stole the goose that laid the golden eggs. Today I am in danger. You messed up a life plan, a family plan. So I’m risking my life,” says Livia.

When asked by Leo Dias if the Petala family would be dangerous, Livia replied, “I don’t know. How far a person goes… What can people do to reach their goals? I don’t know.”

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