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Live: Watch the crowd protest against Flamengo officials in Javea – Flamengo – News and match Flamengo

Flamengo fans protest against the board of directors, due to the poor results and lack of professionalism in football

While Vitor Pereira leads the training at Ninho do Urubu, Flamengo’s managers will not be quiet on Saturday (11). That’s because Flamengo fans staged a protest at the Javea headquarters, where a large portion of the Florida board of directors, including president Rodolfo Landim, is based.

The protest was scheduled to take place at 10 am (Brasilia time) on Saturday (11), and Coluna do Fla will, as usual, provide full coverage of the event. The fans intend to demand more professionalism in football, due to the structure that the fans consider to be amateurs.

Watch live:

A poor sequence of performances for Flamengo, with defeats against Vasco da Gama (1 to 0) and Fluminense (2 to 1), in addition to losing the four cups played in 2023, until then, revolutionized the fans. Therefore, the Reds-Blacks scheduled the protest for Saturday (11) a.m., with the intention of many supporters attending the site.

There is even a possibility that fans may not be able to speak to managers. This is because the police action plan has been strengthened, not to mention that because of the group planning that took place days ago, there was a way for the board of directors to organize itself and plan the best strategy for not getting involved in unrest.