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Live broadcast: Figuerci and Chapecoense duel at Arena Conda for a place in the semifinals

Live broadcast: Figuerci and Chapecoense duel at Arena Conda for a place in the semifinals

Chapquency e Figiency Face each other at 20:30 this Wednesday (12), at Arena Condá, for a place in the Santa Catarina Championship semi-finals. Alvingro arrives with an advantage after winning the first match 3 to 1 in the capital. Verdaou de Oeste needs to win by two or more goals to qualify.

CBN Diário presets start at 19 o’clock

The match will narrate it Jr rooms.Comments from Roberto Alves e Leandro LisaReports via Cadeau Reese And mathematical duty Louise Gonzaga.

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Return to the state after Hercílio Luz Sentencing in Sports Court (TJD-SC), Figueirense defeated Chapecoense at Orlando Scarpelli Stadium and scored an advantage in the match. Coach Jorginho has lost defender Paulo Ricardo, the injured one, and must use Felipe Gregorio alongside Otalo in the defensive sector. Other owners are available.

* Figuirense has not lost by two goals in Chapeco in nine years

Coach Mozart Santos needs at least two goals to qualify, and he must put maximum strength on the field alongside Chapecoense. Savings In the first game, midfielder Anderson Light and striker Mike are linked and can join the team. The Alan Santos wheel returns from suspension and is another possible novelty.

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