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Linzmeyer regrets suffering from homophobia in psychoanalysis sessions

Linzmeyer regrets suffering from homophobia in psychoanalysis sessions

Bruna Lensmeyer, 28, decided to speak to her followers about the issues being discussed in the lesbian community in 2021 and warned her followers about prejudice against lesbians in psychoanalytic offices.

Through stories on Instagram, the actress opened the question-and-answer box with the topic: “Key issues for the lesbian community in 2021.” Then she had a spree of not having conversations about mental and sexual health among lesbian women.

Bruna Lensmeyer mentioned that she struggled with homophobia in the office

Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Looking at the letter, Linzmeyer reported that he experienced bias during his lifelong therapy sessions.

“It’s about mental health, yes. I myself have experienced years of homophobia inside the Lacanian psychoanalytic office. In theory, therapy is not meant to be biased, but the world is, so we also have to be aware of this.”

Bruna also advised women not to be afraid to denounce professionals. Report to CRP [Conselho Regional de Psicologia]”, Been completed.

The actress also advised to use condoms in any sexual relationship. He concluded that “ISTs and condoms among lesbians and/or people with vulvodynia are a major problem.”

pandemic protest

In Cannes, France, to watch the premiere of “Medusa”, a film directed by Anita Rocha da Silvera, in which she played the role of Melissa, Bruna Lenzmeir protests the situation of the novel coronavirus pandemic in Brazil.

During the red carpet at the event, a team of film – Bruna Lenzmere, Marie Oliveira, Fernanda Thoran, Anita Rocha da Silvera, Felipe Frazao and Lara Trimoro – on a poster that reads:

533,000 people died in Brazil from a disease for which they already had a vaccine.

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