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Lina's presence in "BBB" was a historic event and the elimination of injustice - 04/10/2022

Lina’s presence in “BBB” was a historic event and the elimination of injustice – 04/10/2022

when he entered BBB 11 inchesAnd Ariadna Arantes Its existence was seen as a historical landmark. has not been. Read error. The model was featured on the show with the pretense of “misleading” the men of the house by getting involved with them, according to statements from the show’s production at the time. That’s why the show didn’t last long: It only lasted a week, and it was a target of transphobia from the start. It took 11 years for reality show Give Globe Understand the importance of a transvestite presence on national television.

Maybe that’s why Lena slipped so much throughout the match. There was no precedent. It seemed impossible for Brazil to fall in love with a transvestite. But it is important to say: cheers for her a large part of the country. And I wanted more. on one “BBB” Of the cunning and lying good guys, Lina seemed to be the favorite favorite competitor, Arthur Agyar. He ended up being the victim of a massive transphobia in the past couple of days. One lesson, at least, was taught: the importance of a correct pronoun, and the validation of an unhidden existence. Transgender women are women. There is no discussion about that.

Lena needed to be more combative, and be more committed to strategies. But what was not lacking was the acting. His exclusion was unfair, especially around someone like Eliezer, who had been hiding in the shadows of others throughout the game. Leave “BBB” to make history. Leave the program larger than what you entered. And He will be remembered forever.

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