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“like Neymar”;  The former Santos midfielder “reappears”, surprises with the decision and the news reaches the fans

“like Neymar”; The former Santos midfielder “reappears”, surprises with the decision and the news reaches the fans

a saints It is known for having a very strong foundation. a The team has already revealed great players, such as Neymar, Rodrygo, Paulo Henrique Gansu, Diego Ribas, Gabigol and of course King Pele.. By the way, Meninos da Villa was already responsible for saving the main team in many troubled moments, when the team was in great danger of relegation. However, not everything is flowers!

If, on the one hand, some players have become a reality, then there are others who have not experienced this mystery. This is the case with the so-called “eternal promise”, Jan Schirra. Today at the age of 27, The midfielder has become the biggest promise in the pixie categories alongside Neymar and Gabigol.However, at the age of 16, Celso’s father convinced him to play for Genoa in Italy. In Europe, he didn’t take off, didn’t get an Italian passport and had to go back.

He ended up heading to Flamengo, where he failed to establish himself in the Sub 17 and was left claiming back wages. Club Carioca and Santos criticized the performance of the businessman and the athlete’s father. After that, he played for many teams without establishing himself anywhere. Some of these teams were Atlético, Cruzeiro, Oesti, Paniliakos (Greece), Cuiaba and Sinop, where he decided to retire in 2017.

Then, he ventured as a volleyball teacher and as a FIFA athlete, but now things seem to have changed. According to UOL Sport, The player is working to return to the stadiums in the second half of the current season. He even had tests at a clinic in São Paulo and heard he needed two more months to train on the field and four months to be 100% ready for action.

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“This year I’ll be playing football again. I started preparing myself at the end of last year, took a break for Christmas and New Years and will now be back. It’s been four years since I stopped, a long time ago and I know it’s going to be tough, but nothing is impossible with Willpower to achieve it. I set myself up with a gym and run to make myself up and complete my preparations when I get to the club. I am 27 years old, and I think there is still time. There is no more time to make mistakes, you have to take the right path and run after themJan Schirra said.