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Li Martins and JP won the race and came out with a surprise DR

Li Martins and JP won the race and came out with a surprise DR

Li Martins and JP Mantovani won the pairing competition that was shown today at Power Couple. They are the only participants left out of the DR surprise announced by presenter Adriane Galisteu.

During the challenge, the couple had to hit buckets of water and fill them after transporting on an unstable wooden bridge. Li and JP completed the test in 24 minutes and 43 seconds, receiving the best mark among the participating pairs.

As a result, the surprise DR formed Thiago Bertoldo, Georgia Frolich, Deborah Albuquerque, Bruno Salumao, Marie Matarazzo and Matthews Urley. Adriane Galisteu reported that voting was open after the race result was announced.

The elimination of the couple least voted in this surprise DR will happen tomorrow. Shortly after the departure of one of the spouses, a new DR will be announced with the rest of the participants.

A new elimination will take place next Wednesday (21). With this, the two pairs who will compete in the Grand Final of the program on Friday (23) will be determined.

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Participant Mateus Urley was denied testing based on a medical recommendation. The YouTuber injured his shoulder in a previous challenge and had to see him in the hospital.

Marie complained again about Mateusz Urley’s directions During the test, she asked her husband to “shut up”. “It’s too bad to do it this way,” the participant said. “It puts a lot of pressure on me.”

“I can’t talk to you. Are you kidding there?” , asked Matthews after his companion dropped one of the buckets used to recharge water.

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Due to the need to fill twice as many buckets as the other participants, Mary was unable to complete the race.

Georgia quickly identified a strategy for carrying out the activity and began carrying a bucket of water around her neck. Thiago flopped in a bucket and fell into one of the ropes.

“It’s a lot more difficult than it sounds,” Martins told me of the activity. She and JP Mantovani found a way to keep their balance on the bridge. The same thing happened with Deborah Albuquerque.

The race ended when all the full buckets fell to the ground and the boards at the scene revealed the revelations reality “Ilha Record” is the network’s attraction that will be launching next Monday (26th).

Check the pairs time in the test

Li Martins e JP – 24 min 43 sec
Georgia and Thiago
Deborah and Bruno – 30 minutes 11 seconds
Mary and Matthews – Didn’t complete the challenge

Participants point out the difficulties

Before the result was announced, Adriane Galisteu spoke directly with the participants. Lieutenant-Colonel Matthews asked if the outcome would be different if he could participate.

“She has been very combative. She has done her part and will continue to do mine. I knew we couldn’t do it in the shortest time. We will do well, I will do my best. It is one last stretch and we are going to play for real.”

Bruno Salomao and JP Mantovani cited balance as one of the main difficulties the race poses. “Thiago doesn’t like heights very much, but we are confident,” Georgia said.