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LGBT + activists demand UK’s first pride “get back” – added to Money Times

LGBT + activist at a rally in London (Photo: REUTERS / Perezport Hodge)

Thousands of LGBT people, with posters and slogans of protest+ Went to the streets London, This Saturday, to counter their belief that the official homosexual pride march is commercialization. United Kingdom.

When the first “Restore Pride” march surrounded Westminster Palace, participants fled their homes in protest of LGBT + rights in the country, especially to those in the transgender community.

As people grind about Parliament Square in central London before the march begins, “we see … increasingly transcendent articles (in the press),” said Natalie June-Whittaker, a 22-year-old coach at IT consulting. .

“(They) attack innocent trance people and increase anti-trance rhetoric, which affects real people in their daily lives,” June-Whittaker said.

Last year, the British government rejected a proposed reform that would allow transgender people to legally change their gender without a medical diagnosis.

Protesters called for greater diversity and efforts to combat racism inside and outside the LGBT + community.

Saturday’s march joins similar movements around the world, expressing frustration that the annual LGBT + rights celebrations have become more commercialized parties than an opportunity to combat inequality.

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