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LG confirms the list of phones that should receive Android 12 and 13

LG confirms the list of phones that should receive Android 12 and 13

Update (12/04/21) – JB

distance Abandonment or the global smart phone marketLG has tried to reassure the public by emphasizing that it should release up to three years of software updates for its devices. However, the South Korean giant refused to go into details.

Now after a lot of pressure from the crowd, LG has finally published a complete list It explains which cell phones should receive Android 12, for example.

See below that only LG Wing and Veltet are expected to have improved support up to Android 13. Information has been discovered and shared by Android Authority personnel.

In addition to this, LG Germany has also participated All planning to update Android 11. So, we now know Velvet should receive the new software update later this month.

On the other hand, LG K42 and K52 are only supposed to receive the update in the last quarter of 2021. Check below:

It is worth noting that this is the timeline for Android 11 Only valid for smartphones sold in Germany. This is because LG itself makes it very clear that the availability of its updates will also depend on the market in which the cell phone is active.

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Update (04/08/21) – JB

distance Formalizing its exit from the global smartphone marketLG has also promised to continue providing software updates for its current smartphones. However, the company hasn’t even released a detailed list of its new update policy.

Now, according to the latest information, the South Korean giant is planning to Delivering up to three years of updates for some models. Overall, LG’s statement said that all premium phones launched after 2019 should be awarded in the G, V, Veltet and Wing series.

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Devices The K and Stylo families are guaranteed for 2 years. The manufacturer’s note also states that “other updates will be dependent on Google’s Android distribution and performance on the device.” Of course, this means that some models may not receive Android 12 or 13, for example.

Finally, a note from LG states that The company must continue to manufacture smartphones Until July to fulfill contractual obligations with operators and retail partners.

While it’s a relief to anyone looking to buy an LG phone, the company doesn’t make it clear if these devices will receive three major software updates (Android versions) or just three years of their security package, for example. Of course, this doubt could be clarified at another time.

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Original text (04/05/21)

At a conference held during the night, LG has officially announced its exit from the global smartphone market. The announcement came after years of being lost in addition to some Failed attempts to sell the mobile phone sector.

During the show, LG promised to maintain support for software updates for its current smartphones. The company did not go into details, but it is already certain Cronograma de updates running Android 11 It must be kept standing.

LG just said that it will “provide service support and software updates to customers of current mobile device products for a period of time that varies by region.”

Additionally, industry sources also indicate that LG is expected to introduce Android 12 for some of its latest phones. The idea is not to scare consumers and leave the mobile sector without much inconvenience.

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01 April

For now, LG hasn’t released a list yet, but the company’s initial schedule anticipates that Android 11 is being delivered to these devices:

The LG G8X, G8S, Velvet 4G, Wing, K52 and K42 phones are expected to receive Android 11 later this year.

Models that may qualify for Android 12 include:

LG Velvet, V60 ThinQ e Wing

Finally, the LG can also simplify the user experience on Android 12 When the program is delivered without significant change. Hence, devices should only earn the resources that Google has planned, which is still very positive.