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“Let’s stop it”, annihilation activists change strategy in UK: less disruption and more citizen engagement

Movement Environmentalists Abolitionist Rebellion Now known all over the world for their blatant protest actions. In many countries around the world, they are the protagonists of roadblocks, and in many cases they stick to monuments and corporate buildings to draw attention to the climate issue and fight against the exploitation of fossil fuels.

As the raids often affect the daily lives of citizens, for example people stranded on the streets on their way to work, all demonstrations timely divide public opinion between those who support their cause and those who criticize them.

But is it really necessary to be so extreme in sending a message about protecting our planet? British Extinction activists recently asked themselves this question when they made a decision: to change tactics, at least temporarily, Abandonment of street blockades and all activities that cause inconvenience to people and aimed at greater participation of people in their manifestations.

International Disobedience Movement Born in England in 2018 The following year, he paralyzed some of the busiest parts of London with a massive protest that lasted days and ended in dozens of arrests.

Extinction Rebellion UK’s Newest Tactic

However, activists believe now is the time to get the attention of climate agencies by engaging citizens rather than waging serious protests.

The environmental group’s announcement took place on January 1 through its social profiles.

Let’s stop! With the midnight strike, we are making a controversial New Year’s resolution, our primary tactic is to temporarily eliminate public disturbances. – They explain in a post on Facebook – The difficulty strategy is powerful and it works. And we believe that an ever-evolving tactic is a necessary approach, and what is needed now is for those in power to eradicate corruption and abuse of power. The British government, addicted to greed and bloated with profits, will not do what is necessary without pressure.

Emissions continue to rise and our planet is dying at an accelerating rate. The main reasons? A financial system that prioritizes profit over life, a media that fails to inform the public and is tied to power, and an irresponsible government rooted in corruption and stifling the right to protest injustice. Those in power don’t care about rising emissions or unsustainable living costs, but ordinary people do.

The environmental movement emphasizes the importance of supporting ordinary citizens and actively involving them.

We must all come together to transform democracy, putting citizens at the center of decisions through Citizens’ Assemblies. – Continue Activists – We must be serious and determined in our response to crises. Building collective power, increasing numbers and moving forward by building bridges is a serious activity in an age where speaking and acting is a crime. As our rights are crushed and those who speak out and those most at risk are silenced, We must find common ground and unite to survive. This year, we made it a priority to be present in prisons and condemn the blockades in the streets. As long as we are united we cannot ignore each other.

And in Italy? Annihilationists in our country are not ready to give up their extreme resistance measures like blocking traffic on roads and highways. The adopted strategy will remain the same for at least this year.

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Source: Extinction Rebellion UK