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Less minutes, more money: Understanding the contractual difference between Flamingo and Arasquita |  Flamingo

Less minutes, more money: Understanding the contractual difference between Flamingo and Arasquita | Flamingo

Tug of war disguised as a long-ago patience game puts the Flamingo board on a collision course with Daniel Fonseca.

Arasquita reintroduces himself to Flamengo and begins training for the 2021 season – Photo: Marcelo Curtis / Flamingo

The deadlock involving a possible contract renewal left the atmosphere tense behind the scenes at Ninho do Urubu on Thursday. With a sprained ankle, Arrascaeta was already in the classics with Vasco in danger due to a complicated posture and ended up using a veto. A relaxing measure to calm the mood behind the scenes and leave 100% Uruguayans looking forward to the debut of Libertadores, Tuesday, against Velez in Argentina.

Flamingo Handout: Understanding the predicament of the Arrascaeta contract

Former Uruguayan striker, Fonseca leads Arasquita’s march from the grassroots and ramps up his contacts with Flamengo in late 2020 to enforce a provision literally unfulfilled. The businessman accuses the club in Rio de Janeiro of buying 12.5% ​​of the economic rights to a player that remains owned by Defensor Sporting. The expected agreement in the contract as long as the 14 shirt reaches the goal. What did not happen.

Arrascaeta businessman, Fonseca was a successful attacker in Italy – Image: Clone

Minutes from Arrascaeta by Flamingo

  • 2019 – 3,703 minutes In 52 games
  • 2020 – 3833 minutes In 50 games
  • 2021 – 262 minutes In 3 games

In total, Uruguay FC will receive 2.5 million euros (16.8 million Brazilian reals at the current price). But Flamengo claims that the No. 14 shirt did not hit the target. Therefore, there is no reason to implement the provisions. In 2019, Arasquita added 3,703 minutes on the field in 52 games, while in the 2020 season there were 3,833 in 50 games.

Fonseca claims that at the meeting Bruno Spindel attended in Montevideo, it was agreed that Flamengo would buy the Uruguayan stake anyway. For the club, it was worth what was written and there was no promise of any kind. However, the entire situation will be reassessed according to the market.

Arasquita with Cruzeiro’s board and director Daniel Fonseca: Troubled Exit – Photo: Bruno Haddad / Cruzeiro

Given Arrascaeta’s performance, Rio FC understands it as a reasonable investment, but assures Fonseca that there is no budget for this at the moment. Reports from officials indicate numerous attempts by Uruguay to negotiate after the end of the year, with contacts intensifying since the end of Brazil. Given the controversial departure of Cruzeiro in 2019, what is heard the most in the halls of Ninho is that “Flamengo is not Minas Gerais” and will maintain its position.

Daniel Fonseca and Arasquita in Rio de Janeiro clicked a month ago – Photo: Clone

Fonseca is in Brazil, and he tends to speak directly to President Rodolfo Landem in search of solutions. Differences in the past few months have eroded the relationship with Bruno Spindell and Marcus Braz. However, there is confidence in the truce.

The ankle who is no longer too concerned about the classic with Vasco is the less worrisome for the match against Vélez. Flamengo bet on warm clothes so that Arascaita would still be available naturally in the Libertadores debut.