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Legislature candidates sign a letter of commitment to science

São Paulo – The Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science (SBPC) presented a Document with suggestions from the scientific community for the Legislature’s candidates in the October elections. The text contains measures and commitments to advance the science, technology, innovation, education and democracy agendas. By the end of Thursday afternoon (25), the commitment had been signed by 36 candidates for a seat in the Senate, House of Representatives or legislatures.

The proposals were formulated by professionals from various fields based on a series of meetings held in recent months. The series was called “Project for a New Brazil”. The Subsidiary Body on Implementation (SBPC) held 13 of these conferences before consolidating the list of proposals on the topics. The expectation is to rebuild the sector, after the current period of dismantling promoted by Jair Bolsonaro’s government.

“Today, the continuation of important scientific research and the training of new researchers is threatened. On the other hand, various threats to human rights take into account any plan for the economic and social advancement of the country, the entity notes.

In addition to the letter of commitment, SBPC has also launched the website “2022 Election Observatory‘, to follow up on the October dispute.

Commitment to science

All proposals are guided, at the outset, by “a relentless defense of the democratic rule of law.” Scholars assert that the state will only be able to sustainably grow and reach a high level of development based on democratic stability. The document criticizes President Bolsonaro, who has been amplifying authoritarian rhetoric by attacking the electoral system.

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“To ensure that all sectors of society are included, and all scientific societies are mobilized in building the project to rebuild science, technology and innovation (…) which was implemented between 2010 and 2015. We need to achieve at least 2% of GDP in investments.”

“The candidates’ commitment that precedes all others is a relentless defense of democracy and its custodian institutions and processes, as well as defense of the Citizen Constitution of 1988, which means the struggle for the repeal of any constitutional amendments that harm its pillars…, as well as what we have mentioned in other documents, the absolute defense On human rights and the electoral process, he rejects any attempt to suppress or curtail them or disrupt elections and democratic institutional life.

Check out the list of candidate signatories to the Defense of Science proposals:

Sao Paulo

  • Janaína da Bancada Ecosistema (PT)
  • Paulo Teixeira (PT)
  • Professor Douglas Ezo (PT)
  • Ricardo Galvão (Network)
  • Samia Pomfem (Psoul)
  • Professor Wagner Romau (PT)
  • Mariana Mora (PCdoB)

Rio Grande do Sul

Santa Catarina

  • Carla Ayres (PT)
  • Claudio Vignati (PSB)
  • Lucien Carmenati (PT)
  • Victor Gaspodini (Psoul)
  • Nurse Gilson Albuquerque (PSB)


  • Desiree (PDT)
  • Journalist Luciana Pompeo (Network)

Rio de Janeiro

  • Milo Flag (PSB)
  • Jandira Feghali (PCdoB)
  • Sol Miranda (PSB)
  • Tatiana Rock (PSB)
  • Washington Quaqua (PT)

Minas Gerais

  • Luciano Solar (PV)
  • Luisa Dulce (PT)


  • Alessandra Menadakis (Psoul)
  • Professor Edward

Federal District

  • Anna Priestes (PCdoB)
  • The Collegiate Society and Professor Elias (PCdoB)
  • Gabriel Magno (Labour)
  • Rodrigo Rollemberg (PSB)
  • Thelma Melo (PT)


  • Maria Marigella (PT)
  • Professor Nilsa (PT)
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great northern river

  • Alexander Motta (PT)
  • Isolda Dantas (PT)