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Learn how to withdraw money without leaving home

digital clouds for Separation Compensation Fund (FGTS) It is practical for workers, as well as safer. The service can be easily accessed through the FGTS app. Learn digital clouds step by step.

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Through the application, users can check all the information related to the withdrawal. For example, available values ​​and other query types. In addition, digital looting is already becoming a reality.

digital kick

The online process was created to make life easier for users, who previously had to go to an agency and do all the checkout steps in person.

In order to access the digital withdrawal, workers must first have the right to withdraw, according to the issuance rules already laid down.

Through the application it is possible to attach all the necessary documents, as well as follow the steps of the withdrawal request until the last stage of releasing the amounts.

Through the FGTS app, users can also check the statement, with details of entries made in the fund in the past six months.

Another service offered by the application is areal update, as in the case of a change of address. For digital withdrawals, users need to indicate an account with the same owner.

So, first of all, just download the FGTS app and register with your CPF, full name, birth, email and password.

After that, the user will receive a confirmation link in the email to verify the correctness of the information. Then go to “My Withdrawals”, go to “My Bank Account” and register an account.

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Finally, just choose the amount to be transferred and within five days the funds will be in the account for withdrawal.

But the rules for releasing the stolen items consider unfair dismissal, serious illness, retirement, and so on.