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Learn how to use it with the PayPal app

Learn how to use it with the PayPal app

PayPal will join PIX for in-app transfers. The novelty is gradually being released to users and will allow money to be transferred from PayPal to a bank account through PIX directly from the app. It is worth noting that the source is still being released gradually and at the moment only for those who use Android platform, for Google.

K Transfer via PIXUsers will be able to make payments and transfers for free at any time and day, using the available balance in digital wallet. For now, the functionality is still without information about when it will be available on iOS.

Transfers can be made using random keys

Your first step will be to create a key directly in the app. After that, the user will be able to Use or PIX and not PayPal To transfer money, either to other accounts within PayPal as well as to other banks.

Practically no requirements for Register your PIX key on PayPal. Basically, with any key, a transaction can be made, whether it’s yours or not. as it happens in digital banks, it is also possible to receive values ​​via a random key.

How to create a PIX key in PayPal?

To register a PIX key in PayPal, you will need to log into your account and select in the lower right by “pixA new message will open giving you more information about the supplier. Confirm your details to proceed to the Next Page.

Already in time Record some keysThen, you’ll see that there are many options available, from your Social Security number, phone number, email, or random key. After choosing the one you like, select the Create button.

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After doing all this, the user receives instructions about the PIX keys, before the same “accept and continue”. Within a few seconds, you will receive a confirmation message that your key has been registered at the top of a file PayPal application.

PIX made simple with PayPal

To transfer money using PIX on PayPal, the procedure is also very simple. The first step is to login to your account and after that, go to the bottom right of the homepage and Press the PIX button. Remember that PIX cannot be canceled yet, so it is important to review all information.

Next, you will need to confirm your password to Transferring with PIX. On the main page, you can choose how PIX performs, for example using a random key or your Social Security number. made cucumber PIX transfers to legal accounts (CNPJS).

Finally, inform the amount you want to transfer to your account in or to another bank The person who will receive the PIX. If everything is OK, just press the “Submit” button. PayPal is one of the largest financial technology companies in the world, available to millions of customers in Brazil, the United States and other countries in America.

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