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Learn how to save electricity with your TV

Learn how to save electricity with your TV

The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) indicates that approximately 96% of Brazilian homes have a TV. TVs are electrical products, thus they consume energy and have a huge impact on your monthly electricity bill. Therefore, it is worth learning how to reduce electricity costs with a TV.

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How do you provide electricity to the TV?

Although free TV channels have lost a large part of the prestige they had until recently. Television has gained new platforms for viewing content, mainly due to the Internet. Streaming services use equipment for their users to watch movies, series, cartoons, and documentaries

Due to the large number of televisions present in Brazil, it is normal to expect this equipment to be on most of the time. Learning how to save electricity with your TV is essential to reducing your monthly expenses at this cost.

It is worth noting that modern TVs consume much less electricity than older models. However, if they stay online for a long time, the account can have a huge impact on local consumers.

Stay tuned for the tips below to clear your pocket and keep the TV active in your home:

1- Pay attention to the costs of television

The first thing to do is to calculate how much electricity your TV consumes per month. Simply look for the consumption data in the device manual or search for the model on trusted sites on the Internet. This way, you will be able to see the hourly expenses that your TV generates. Then multiply it by the number of hours you work.

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2 – Change brightness settings

Go to the TV settings to change the brightness settings, especially if they are in automatic mode. The intensity of the colors of the image is directly reflected in the electrical energy expenditure. Prefer the conditions of the economy.

3 – Do not sleep with the TV on

Many people have the habit of sleeping with the TV on and this can be one of the main reasons for an increased lighting bill. Activate the Sleep Timer or turn off electronic devices before bed.

4 – perfect size

Try to install equipment the perfect size for your room or room where it will be located. This avoids buying televisions that are too large and consume more electricity.