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Learn how to query fines only by CPF

Learn how to query fines only by CPF

The Service Portal of the National Traffic Administration (Sinatrane) allows for online consultation on traffic violations. To perform this verification, it is necessary to have an individual taxpayer register (CPF). The system issues records of violations as well as files Historical every one of them.

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The query is based on vehicle or offender information. The entire process takes place online and is resolved in just a few clicks. The driver needs to have an active CNH Digital or face verification through the Digital Transit Wallet app to do so.

Fines consultation with CPF

When accessing the Senatran Services Portal, people find the services available on the Internet, such as validating a national driver’s license (driver’s license), car consultation, digital wallet installation and many more.

To access the services, it will be necessary, first of all, to create a login and password in the services portal. Only then will it be necessary to enter the digital certificate or CPF, as well as the access password.

In general, querying fines using CPF is a choice that many users of the service make, precisely because facilitates in hand. Therefore, when you get to the service page, you just need to look for “Violations” and click on it.

The system will indicate the types of counseling available for that data, both the offender and the vehicle.

In front of them, you only need to choose one. With the information published, it is sufficient for the driver to check the details of the violations, if any. Free CPF fines advice service.

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An important detail is that users can find – also on the Services Portal – other relevant information, such as joining the System of Electronic Notifications (SNE) that allows some Discounts in paying fines.

And for those who are looking for more guidelines to reduce traffic fines, in the Education tab you can find details about some projects and Programming Awareness and drivers that are posted.