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Learn how to find the name of a song with the Google app

Learn how to find the name of a song with the Google app

Got a song in your head and can’t find it? With the Google app, you can unravel this mystery.

It often happens that the song remains in our thoughts without specifying the name of the singer or the name of the song. Suspicion can follow the listener for weeks. To solve the puzzle without any big problems, it is very simple: using Google app, find out the name of the song.

For this, it is necessary to use the function in the smartphone or tablet application, so the user can find out the name of that song in different ways. Below, we list two different methods for determining a successful outcome.

Search for a song name on Google

google app

On your phone or tablet, open the Google app. Then click on the search bar which will open and you should:

  1. select the microphone button;
  2. Select “Search for a song” or say the phrase “Google, what song is it?” ;
  3. Now it will be necessary to sing, gorge, whistle any part of the desired song for Google to determine the title.

Finally, just check the results, as Google should indicate which song was in your head.

Google Assistant

Another way to find out that song that’s been on your mind all day is with Google Assistant. As in the other case, you must access the application on your smartphone or tablet and follow these steps:

  1. Select your device’s home button and hold;
  2. Then say “Ok, Google” to confirm that Assistant active
  3. Now you should say “Google, what song”;
  4. Sing, hum, and whistle to a few snippets so the app notes the song for you.

The app should display several songs and check if one of them matches that song that was in your head.

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