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Learn how to create Pix even without account balance

Learn how to create Pix even without account balance

A lot of people have spent more than they should have in the past few days and ended up with no balance in their bank account. The problem is when in this situation the client needs to make a Pix, but he cannot postpone the payment until a more suitable date.

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To solve the difficulty faced by these users, Nubank now offers the option Pix to the credit. The feature works like any other credit card transaction, but whoever got the money can’t tell the difference. know more.

Pix terms on credit

Nubank authorizes the use of a credit card limit to create Pix on the go, without complications. Checkout is excellent for those who don’t have money in their account, but do have a card and need to make a transfer or payment urgently.

The resource immediately falls to the recipient, who is unable to perceive any difference. It should be noted that the instant payment system established by the Central Bank makes it possible to conduct transactions at any time of the day, seven days a week.

Those who use Pix on credit can pay the amount in up to 12 installments, but it must be remembered that the service has fees and interest, as it works in a similar way to a loan. This fee can be consulted prior to confirmation, in the Nubank app itself.

How to use Pix on credit

Check out the instructions on how to use the new functionality:

  1. Enter the Nubank app;
  2. Click on “Area Pix”, then on “Transfer”;
  3. Enter the transfer amount, Pix key and confirm the data;
  4. Click on “Choose a transfer method” and click on the “Credit Card” option;
  5. Enter the number of installments and review the transaction details;
  6. Confirm the operation using the 4-digit password.
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