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Learn how to check retroactively online

Learn how to check retroactively online

Millions of Brazilian families have been left without an income during the Covid-19 pandemic, leading to trade shutdowns and consequent job losses. The solution of the federal government was to create Band aidIt is a program that started with monthly installments of R$600.

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The initiative expired only last year, months after a smaller version was released. Since then, expectations have been high for his return, given that the economic situation in the country remains complex.

According to information from the Citizenship Department, there is no chance of emergency aid returning in 2022. In addition to the lack of funds for such extensive spending, the country is also in a state of election year The creation of new programs is prohibited by law.

Consultations are still open

Although payments have ended for the vast majority of beneficiaries, Dataprev . portal continues open for inquiries. The reason for this continuity is that the government released a retroactive amount of up to R$3,000 to thousands of single-parent families.

Those men who took care of children on their own could not get the double quota at pay time, as was the case with single mothers. Congress fixed the injustice, and so a new round of transitions was needed.

The value of the Retroactive It ranged between 600 and 3 thousand riyals, depending on the month in which the father joined the program, taking into account the first five installments only. Those who started receiving emergency assistance in April 2020, for example, had access to the full amount.

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How do you consult?

To find out if a recipient of the benefit is retroactive, the citizen must enter Datapriv site, the same user during the program. The difference now is that access to the system is allowed only through the gov.br account.

After logging in or creating a new account, you can find all the information about previous installments, such as the amounts and dates of emergency aid payments.