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Learn how to check back payment for emergency aid online

In the most turbulent times of the Covid-19 pandemic, countless Brazilian families have lost income and become dependent on government help. Therefore, Emergency Aid was created, an income transfer program whose value was initially R$600. Transfers have expired, but retroactive payment for emergency aid can still be verified online.

Payment of emergency aid began in April 2020. The initial version of the program ran until December of the same year. In 2021, the maturity was extended in 4 installments, in amounts ranging from R$150 to R$375, and some of these payments are still available. Below we explain how to check retroactive payment for emergency aid! See if you can get it.

Does emergency aid have retroactive payments? Photo: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia/pronatec

Will emergency aid return?

Before we talk about retroactive payments for emergency aid, it is important to resolve the doubts of many recipients. On social media, countless people are wondering: Will emergency aid ever return? Unfortunately, that shouldn’t happen. After all, Auxílio Brasil was created precisely to replace this program (along with Bolsa Família). Plus, we’re in an election year, which makes it hard to cash out for assistance programs.

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Is retroactive emergency assistance available? Who can receive?

Emergency aid recipients can celebrate: Retroactive program payments are still available in 2022. However, not all registrants can receive premiums. The federal government has issued payments of up to R$3,000, but only to parents who head single-parent families.

Originally, men raising children alone did not have the opportunity to receive the double ration paid to single mothers. After this injustice was discovered, a new round of payments was allowed to be awarded. The amount of withdrawals is between 600 and 3 thousand Brazilian riyals, and it is divided according to the month in which the father entered the program.

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How to verify paymentThe retroactive effect of emergency aid?

If you are part of the group of beneficiaries who are still able to receive retroactive payments for emergency aid, the counseling can be done in a simple way, online. To confirm inclusion in the feature retroactively, simply access the Dataprev website (available at https://consultaauxilio.cidadania.gov.br/consulta/). However, in 2022, the system can only be accessed through the gov.br account.

So, if you don’t have this type of account yet, just follow the instructions on the website and then login. On the Dataprev portal, you can check all information about past payments – including amounts and dates. In addition, it is possible to refer to retroactive payment for accrual.