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Learn about this symbol and its relationship to WhatsApp

The language of social networks is constantly undergoing many transformations. Even communication on the Internet does not always take place through words: it can happen, for example, using emojis, pictures and even another emoticon or symbol.

Recently, a new expression caught the attention of many users, who did not fully understand what it meant. So if you notice someone using it, know what they mean.

Recently, a new icon on WhatsApp has caught the attention of messaging users. Understand what you mean! / credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

What is Code 737?

Before arriving on WhatsApp, the symbol 737 (pronounced “seven, three, seven”) first gained space on TikTok through some influencers on the Chinese video network. Usually, the term appeared at the end of publications, and in doing so, the audience easily understood the meaning within that context.

In short, the expression is another form of slang created by young people who use the net and simply means “good night” or a reinforcement of some farewell. For example, they use it as “Sleep well 737” or “Sweet dream 737” or just use the symbol alone.

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It started on TikTok and spread to other networks

With the passage of time and the dynamism of social networks, the icon left TikTok and ended up making its way to other platforms. Therefore, it is possible that, at some point, you may end up receiving code 737 through one of your contacts. The idea, in this case, is to try and express a wish for something really good to happen, even though it doesn’t seem to have a direct connection to numerology, for example.

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By the way, it is quite possible that many people will start saying “seven, three, seven” in real life, since what often happens and becomes popular on networks can spill over into the offline world. Anyway, understand that it’s just a new form of communication so it’s not a big deal.

New WhatsApp feature arrives for Windows

Finally, Messenger recently launched a new program that runs directly on Windows. That is, instead of just having the messenger on the cell phone, people can download it to the computer. Currently, the most important changes are related to its functionality, such as the ability to start faster.

Another feature that caught the attention of users is that the system now allows video calls between up to 32 users. Apart from that, Meta, the company responsible for the messenger, has also stated that it has made improvements in the synchronization of messages and in the communication of the program, to make it easier for users to use it.

This is because when the function of leaving the WhatsApp account logged into the computer was implemented even with the cell phone turned off, many users complained about the delay in syncing. Nowadays, the process is faster, especially in the downloaded version. Those interested can access it in the official Windows Store: https://bityli.com/BtTr7G.

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