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Learn about the profession of the richest Brazilians

Learn about the profession of the richest Brazilians

Forbes released a list of the richest Brazilians. Of the total, 20% of them have something in common, of course, besides an account full of money. What is this? A little guesswork, but we don’t make the suspense: they work the same! know what profession Which looks like a billionaire factory.

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It was the branch that enriched the Brazilians for many years. The combined fortunes of the 54 richest Brazilians are R$402.20 billion. It’s a lot of money. The entire survey, as well as wealth, indicates the exact way in which they have earned a lot of money over the years. curious? Come find out what the “secret” is.

Billionaire Factory

Surely you already know what the profession of a billionaire factory in Brazil is. We are talking about agribusiness. menu for Forbes It refers to 290 Brazilians who have enormous wealth. Among them, 54 are businessmen who work in this sector.

The explanation is clear. The world’s population continues to grow. More people need food every day. Projections indicate that by 2050 the world population will reach 9.7 billion people.

All of these people need food to survive, so the demand is fueling the agribusiness, which always guarantees more money for those moving the sector. Just to give you an idea, the agricultural business It is responsible for 30% of Brazil’s GDP, according to last year’s data.

In addition, a report by World Wealth Report, the Capgemini consulting firm, notes that agriculture is among the 10 most cited areas for generating millionaires in the next decade.

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Even the Covid-19 pandemic did not damage the sector, which continued to grow while several sectors took a heavy toll. Technology is increasingly present in this area, increasing productivity in smaller areas. The expectation is that this business model will continue to create new billionaires In the next few years.

You’ll feel the sector’s wealth even more with AgTechs, the technology agencies focused on agribusiness. are several Startups Those who are relentlessly searching for solutions that improve production in the field with more respect for the environment and greater gains.