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Leandro Higo Focuses On Science To Win The Scales And Avoid “Bellator Pressure” – 05/26/2021

Last Friday (21), Leandro Higo confirmed his good time inside the Bellator’s cage. The Brazilian defeated Darion Caldwell in the 259th event of the show and claimed his third consecutive win in the franchise. Despite the victory, the Brazilian has a warning sign, as he has failed to assess the event again and this could hinder his plans to contest the organization’s belt.

In an exclusive interview for a report AG. Are fighting, Buttiguire lamented the failure of Libra that cost him 20% of his grant on the show. In order not to make the same mistake of the past, Hugo reveals that he is looking for science to help him cope with weight-loss difficulties.

“It bothered me a lot. I’m losing money on this. I have two children, a woman. This money will be wasted in advance. It was a little bit now, about 600 grams and it was my best gain in a week, I kept my weight and started dropping out of nowhere, when the kilo was missing, it was not It’s coming down, not sweating. It was arriving on time and I was feeling angry and I felt like I was squeezing a towel. Technology to help me with that. I’m not going to let that happen anymore, ”explained the 32-year-old competitor.

Although he hasn’t yet spoken to Bellator officials about his future in the league, Leandro knows he might be urged to do something he doesn’t like in his next presentation. With two successive failures on the scale, the Brazilian should receive a warning to rise in the class and act as a featherweight (66 kg). The athlete is aware of this possibility, but said he will resume for another chance.

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“They weren’t happy with this either (balance failure), but I’ll wait. It was calm and impatient at the time. I don’t know if they’re going to keep me in grade or want me to go up. Let’s see the next steps. Lots of people think I’m not hitting the weight because I don’t want That, but I’m a well-organized guy, I’m always in training, ready. But I’m going to talk to Joanha (his manager) to try out the last shot at the title. I’ve come closer than ever and go there behind the line. I climbed the mountain and almost reached the top to bring everything back complicated. “.

In professional MMA since 2006, Leandro Higo has scored 20 wins and five setbacks in his career in sports. At Bellator since 2017, the fighter has had three wins and three setbacks. The competitor has already had the opportunity to fight for the belt twice. In the first, against “Dudu” Dantas, he ended up not overweight, and the confrontation was not worth the title to him. The second time he was defeated by Daryon Caldwell.