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Leandra Leal’s videos about mask use go viral and the actress declares: “I wanted to feel useful

Leandra Leal’s videos about mask use go viral and the actress declares: “I wanted to feel useful

LYANDRA LIL She recorded some videos highlighting the importance of using protective masks during the pandemic, and gained national fame with the initiative. Everything was done with the help of her husband, Guilherme Burgos, and without their expectation, Leandra’s videos went viral on social media.

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During an interview with Fatma Bernardes in “Encontro”, the actress said that she wants to feel useful in such difficult times. I was very affected by the repercussions. The idea came from feeling indignant and helpless, and the effect it had on people made me feel happy. It is important to realize the importance of using a mask, the epidemic is not over yet and we need to continue taking care of ourselves. We have had the pandemic for over a year and to this day I see people reluctance to wear masks.”

“I remember as a kid watching AIDS campaigns on TV that talked about the importance of using condoms and even showed how to use them. I miss that nowadays because The fight against the epidemic is collective, and we all have to take care of ourselves.”

paying off:

Instagram will load in the front end.

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