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Leaked audio shows Mauricio Souza was expelled for homophobia

Leaked audio shows Mauricio Souza was expelled for homophobia

In a leaked audio recording, Minas Tênis Clube manager said he fired Mauricio Sousa for feeling “thank you”.

The case involving Mauricio Sousa resigns from Minas Tenes Win new chapters this weekend, thanks to a leaked audio clip, with content posted by the site UOL.

In the audio recording, the volleyball director, Elói Lacerda de Oliveira, stated that The player was not expelled because of homophobia, but because the club was “forced to separate” to protect the club and the player.

“He was not fired because he is a homophobe, because he is not a homophobe. What he said was a personal statement from him. He was sent away to protect him. He received his full salary and protect Minas,” the commander said.

“We were forced to fire Mauricio, or he would be destroyed, okay? And let everyone know that we had paid his contract in full by May. He was not helpless. He added that he was getting paid up front and we did it because we had no support,” explaining that the player’s salary had been paid. .

In addition to, Eloi has also criticized the LGBTQIA+ movement, considering it a “radical society”.

“We have to learn to be proactive and not reactive. These extremist communities are active. They were in the Melita presidency in Germany, they were at the Fiat in Betim, there in Italy, right? And we literally gave up, everything we did, we were simply defeated, because it was There are thousands of demonstrations against Minas, against Mauricio,” he said.

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