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Leads the children “Vaquina” to pay for the surgery and the mother to walk again

Entre Rios resident Cerlin Aparecida Maya, 62, suffered a femur fracture on April 25, 2022, not from a fall and only after it was discovered she had a disease called osteoporosis, which leaves bones weak.

She had her first surgery, was discharged, and went home, but at home she had a new fracture, as she says:

– From that moment on, I came to the hospital where, after a few days in the hospital, they performed the surgery. I came home, 2 days later, I went to the bathroom and when I got up from the wheelchair I felt a lot of pain in my leg. I was taken to the hospital and I broke my femur again. Under the medical guidelines from the place where the surgery was performed, the fracture will improve the way it was and they will not undergo another operation. To this day, my follow-up is done in the same care unit and the instructions are the same: “I don’t need surgery,” he says.

However, uncomfortable with the situation,

Sirlene chose to seek a second medical opinion.

– Under the guidance of some health professionals in the municipality where I live and by X-ray evaluation of the second fracture that occurred, they suggested obtaining the opinions of other specialists. However, two consultations were held with different doctors and the direction was the same: the need for a new urgent surgery, as one of the fixing screws and the bone itself poses a risk of perforation – he explains in detail.

Thus, the family is looking for resources to pay for the procedure privately.

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Because it is a delicate condition, in which the bones are in an advanced stage of fragility, surgery is of high value. So I came through this platform to ask for your help in paying for my surgery and walking again, because it’s been one year since I’ve been in this situation. Thank you in advance for your interest and any help is most welcome – and concludes.

for help:

Vakinha: https://www.vakinha.com.br/3572022

PIX: 49998135637 – Eliane Maya (daughter)