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Leaders Palmeiras crush Curitiba in Andric's debut to open 12 points

Leaders Palmeiras crush Curitiba in Andric’s debut to open 12 points

a Palm trees Getting closer and closer to winning a title Brazilian Championship. Tonight (6), in Allianz Park, crush Verdau Curitiba 4 to 0 and opened 12 points advantage in driving, with eight rounds to play. The victory was achieved by goals scored by Mikey, Rooney, Gustavo Gomez and Brno Lopez.

The match also marked the debut of Endrick, one of Verdão’s greatest discoveries. The 16-year-old entered the second half and led the fans wild. He became the youngest player to enter the stadium for the club, where he was also the striker Vinicius.

As a result, Palmeiras went to 66 points, while the second-placed Internacional got 54 points. As for Coxa, he remains with 31 points and is still struggling to move away from the relegation zone.

On the next tour, visit Palmeiras Atlético joMonday (10), while Curitiba receives Red Bull Bragantinoa day ago.

Who did well – Gustavo Scarpa

Gustavo Scarpa put in a good performance and was one of the highlights of the match. The author of two assists, the midfielder also actively participated in good offensive plays.

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Who Was Wrong – Bruno Gomez

The Coritiba midfielder had a dark night, especially when the call had to be made when the team had possession of the ball.

Palmeiras performance

Palmeiras took to the field with Atoista instead of suspended as Rafael, and managed to dictate the tempo of the match. With possession of the ball, the team exchanged passes and took a risk on the opponent’s goal, opening an advantage in the first half.

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After the break, the team kept its pace and managed to increase the positive number on the mark. Verdau quietly started to “go” the match without risking and creating chances. No wonder it has reached its peak.

Curitiba’s performance

With a 4-5-1 formation, Coritiba sought to fill in the midfield and apply a stronger control to Palmeiras. However, in addition to not indicating significant offensive power, Coxa gave leading spaces and saw the hosts build an advantage on the scoreboard.

In the first half, Goto Ferreira made changes in order to change the scenario, but the team continued to show a lack of creativity to reach the attack in a more solid way. In addition, it gave new spaces in defense and Palmeiras extended the mark.


The game started with the expected scenario. Palmeiras was at the top and had a presence in the attacking field, while Coritiba sought to fill the midfield to put pressure on the defenses and leave quickly. But the first few minutes were rather warm.

open result

Verdau opened the scoring at the start of the duel. After a corner kick, Mike shook his head and sent it to the net.


Shortly after scoring the goal, Curitiba sought to give an answer. Nathanael advanced to the right and shot Warley, who struck him in the cross. The ball hit Verton, who saved for a second.

Extended feature

In a new pressure scenario from Palmeiras, the team increased the score. In exchange for passes, Scarpa passed to Ron, who conquered the area and gave a touch for the first time, covering goalkeeper Gabriel.

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With this goal, Rooney turned 22 and tied with Rafael Vega as Verdau’s top scorer this season.


Palmeiras approached the third when Atoista sent a cross from the right, but Gabriel saved it. In the last minutes of the first half, Warley scored with Fabricio Daniel and hit a cross, but sent it.

The cost of it!

At the beginning of the second half, Abel Ferreira’s men reached the third. After a corner, Dodo receives the area and crosses it. Gustavo Gomez, in the middle of Coxa’s defense, advanced and sent her into the net. The referee overturned the referee for offside, but after the VAR analysis, the goal was validated.

gem in the field

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini / AGIF

asked the crowd and assistant Joao Martins answered. In the 22nd minute of the second half, Indrik was called up and replaced Rooney. When the 16-year-old jewel was blown away, the attendees went wild and partyed. This was his first appearance on the professional team, having spent three matches on the bench (against Santos, Atletico MG and Botafogo).


Palmeiras scored the fourth goal with a goal from Breno Lopez. After Tabata’s pass, the striker hit hard and made the crowd celebrate.

data sheet:

Palm trees 4 × 0 Curitiba

Competition: Brazilian Championship – Round 30
date and time: October 6, 2022, Thursday at 19:00 (Brasilia time)
place: Allianz Parque, in São Paulo (SP)
Rule: Braulio da Silva Machado (FIFA/SC)
helpersKleber Lucio Gil (FIFA/SC) and Henrik Neu Ribeiro (SC)
VAR: Daniel Nobre Pines (VAR-Fifa/RS)
yellow cards: atesta (pal); Bocellia, Thony Anderson (CFC)
Objectives: Mayke (PAL), at 14min/1ºT; Ronnie (Bal), at 33min/1ºT; Gustavo Gómez (Bal), at 5’/2; Brino Lopez (Pal), at 31 min/sec

Palm trees: Weaverton. Marcos Rocha, Gustavo Gomez, Murillo, Péquez; Danilo, Atoista (Gabriel Menino), Mike (Briano Lopez), Gustavo Scarpa (Bruno Tabata), and Dodo (Mirentel); Ron (Indrick). Technical: Joao Martins (Assistant)

Curitiba: Gabriel; Nathaniel, Chancellor, Luciano Castan and Rafael Santos (Egidio); Bruno Gomez, Trindade and Bocellia (Tony Anderson); Warley (José Hugo), Alf Manga (Bill) and Fabricio (Leo Gamalho). Technical: Goto Ferreira