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Last resident of 'Britain's loneliest street' does not want to move - News

Last resident of ‘Britain’s loneliest street’ does not want to move – News

Retired bank clerk Nick Wisniewski, 66, is the last person to live on “Britain’s loneliest street”.

Wisniewski is the only occupant of the 128-apartment block, after another move of about 200 residents in December. “It’s like a ghost town Currently. It is very quiet and strange that I am the only person living here. You can feel lonely and have no one to talk to.”

The eight apartment blocks and other homes on London’s Stanhope Place are slated to be demolished, leaving the once bustling area deserted and littered with empty and closed properties.

As a result, North Lanarkshire Council offered the banker £35,000 for the house and two years’ rent in a semi-detached house if he moved.

But in the opinion of the retiree, the offer of the board of directors will not be enough to buy elsewhere and he is too big to get a mortgage. “I’m afraid I won’t know where I will eventually live. I haven’t worked my whole life to take my home away from me.”

In addition, he explained that after people got out of the house the houses were abandoned, which worries and angers him.

There is no security and people can enter the empty apartments and many windows are broken. The grass is overgrown, it’s ridiculous. I think the board is putting it aside to displease me or in the hope that I’ll get tired and go.”

A spokesperson for North Lanarkshire Council said they are fully aware that this is a sensitive issue and that they are working closely with residents.

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“It would not be appropriate to discuss specific financial details, but we are working in accordance with our policies to ensure that the resident receives a fair settlement and is supported in finding suitable alternative accommodation.”

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