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Larissa kisses Fred at the party;  Find out who was the couple’s cupid · TV news

Larissa kisses Fred at the party; Find out who was the couple’s cupid · TV news

unique free And Larissa Santos Admitted to the party held in the early hours of Friday (27) to Saturday (28) o’clock BBB 23. To unlock the first moment of intimacy, the new couple enlisted the help of Cupid. It was Marvella who made the midfielder of the two throw themselves into each other’s arms on the dance floor.

The kiss took place around 6 o’clock in the morning The end of the party which the skank band was the main attraction. Fred takes a drink from Larissa and is surprised by the “attack”.

Earlier, the two were holding hands, but xaveco started even when the physical education teacher was excited to dance.

Bianca Andrade’s ex-husband commented: “That’s the perk of being charming, no one will remember that you promised…”. “Did I promise you something?” asked the brunette. “Didn’t you promise anyone a little dance?” Farid insisted.

Then Marvella decided to act like Cupid. “Sister, he likes you very much,” Larisa revealed. the singer Already had a conversation about it Thursday (26th) with Fred. At first, the physical education teacher changed the topic and said that the two of them were just friends.

After that, the pagodera went to put the battery on the effector. “I think you’re very different from the others here. There’s no way to compare. If you get there and strike up a conversation…have some manners, my boy,” he advised. “I’m smooth,” dodged Fred, who also received advice from Sarah Allen. “It’s just advice. Hurry up, right,” she jokes.

Watch the moment of Farid and Larissa’s first kiss:

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