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Laranjinha vents during decompression cabin: “I Can’t Give Up” – A Fazenda 15

Laranjinha vents during decompression cabin: “I Can’t Give Up” – A Fazenda 15

Laranjinha commented on the controversy in the decompression cabin

The public voted and chose! 4.43% of the votes were in favor of remaining. Darlan CunhaLaranjinha, is the second participant to be eliminated from Farm 15. The result was announced by reality show host Adrian Galisto RecordTVLive during the Thursday night program (5). Laranginha was on the farm with Tonzao Chagas and Sander Mecca.

Now a former pawn, Laranginha left the confinement and went straight to it Decompression cabin To talk to Lukas Silvi. The chat was broadcast live and exclusively on Play Plusflow RecordTV. Gravity recording is available on the platform.

The early elimination surprised Laranginha: “I did not expect to leave so early, but my approach to life and here too is all or nothing. I cannot give up,” said the former participant.

During the decompression booth, Lucas Silvi showed Raquel Scheherazade’s criticisms about Laranjinha’s playing style and the “Kriyas” group, to which she replied: “I even asked Raquel in the booth if (Cesar) Black and Shay did the same thing as they did.” us, if they have a group and if they organize the match. She said yes, they are a group of Black, Shay, and Alicia, but she never actually gave a speech attacking them for existing in a group and for speaking clearly.

One member of the “Crias” group, the eliminated participant commented on each member’s thoughts: “It’s a group, so there are different types of personalities. Some play with emotions, others don’t focus on the match, but on hanging out with the audience and seeing what happens. There are some People who are more strategic. “There is Tonzao who is already thinking about moving,” he commented.

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Out of the running for the R$1.5 million prize, Laranjinha bets on Cesar Black as the next person to be eliminated from the reality show, and when he asked for a selfie between Lucas and Raquel, who would have a better chance of being eliminated first, the former pawn didn’t hesitate and replied: “Lucas “. Just like Natalia Valiente, the first eliminated from the 15th edition of A Fazenda, Laranginha chose Marcia Fo as the potential winner of the reality show.

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Remember Laranjinha’s path in reality: