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Landim assures that there is an offer on the table to renew Gabigol, but he is cautious: “This offer may not be met.”

Landim assures that there is an offer on the table to renew Gabigol, but he is cautious: “This offer may not be met.”

Rodolfo Landim spoke about the negotiations with Gabigol

Gabigol contract with Flamingo It ends in December of this year, and the club is looking to renew its relationship with the striker. President Rodolfo Landim commented on Thursday (27) that he had looked for the striker and offered him a proposal to extend his salary. However, the agent reserved that the offer may not meet the desires of the number 99.

It’s a conversation we’ve had with him for a long time and it involves two things: the value of the contract and the duration of that contract. We actually looked for Gabriel and made him an offer. Maybe this offer doesn’t meet his interests, and if it doesn’t, the natural course would be that when it comes to the end of the year and he has a free pass, he can choose where to go. If he had a better offer, he might take it. — said Rodolfo Landem in an interview with the journalist John Guilhermeon YouTube, this Thursday (27).

Hey Flamingo He did and does this with many players. For example, Diego Ribas and Diego Alves have reached the end of their contracts and have been renewed with us for another term. He offered them the contract and they renewed it. Filipe Luis did the same. At the end of Gabriel’s contract, we could make an offer that he may or may not be interested in. We did that with Everton Ribeiro – Rodolfo Landim concluded.

Gabigol in Flamengo

Gabigol is one of the greatest idols in history. Flamingo, where the striker was part of impressive titles in the red and black shirt. Furthermore, he was decisive in winning the Copa Libertadores, the Brazilian Championship, and the Carioca Championship.

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However, in recent months, Gabigol has been the target of criticism from football fans. Flamingo. This is because the striker was seen wearing a Corinthians shirt during a party. Therefore, the player was punished by losing the number 10 shirt, and he also received a deduction from his salary.

Flamingo position

With Gabigol at his disposal, Flamingo He is preparing to face Cruzeiro on Sunday (30) at 6:30 pm (Brasilia time), at the Maracanã Stadium, in a match held within the 13th round of the Brazilian Championship. As usual, Column, no Brings the most red and black online streaming with the voice of Rafa Pinedo on YouTube. Comments will be provided by Tulio Rodriguez. Finally, Leo José and Vitor Belotti will be in charge of reporting. In addition, we will have real-time transmission.