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Lamar merges as a lane and carries the crows to the NFL |  football

Lamar merges as a lane and carries the crows to the NFL | football

Since arriving in the NFL, being selected in the first round of the draft in 2018, Lamar Jackson has had to deal with prejudice. Whether on social media or in expert statements, The Baltimore Ravens quarterback heard he ‘can’t pass’ and should ‘run backwards’. But in 2021, she was trying to silence those criticisms.

a Baltimore defeated the Indianapolis Colts 31-25 I was One of the best NFL passers out this season so far. Against the Colts, No. 8 hit 37 of 43 pass attempts for 442 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Lamar Jackson vs. the Indianapolis Colts – Photo: Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As a result, Jackson became the first quarterback in NFL history to score at least 400 yards with 85% of assists attempted in a game. in season, QB ranked 5th in total air yards (1519), In front of Mahomes, Josh Allen and Kyler Murray, and has the second-best average yards per pass attempt (9.1), behind only Stafford and Murray (9.2).

NFL Air Yard captains

rear quarter air yards
1- Tom Brady 1.767
2- Derek Carr 1.605
3- Matthew Stafford 1.587
4- Justin Herbert 1.576
5- Lamar Jackson 1.519

Despite being elected Player of the Year for the 2019-20 season, Lamar continued to face criticism over his performance as Lamar, especially after his performance declined the following year.

“That’s my barbarism [dizer que Lamar não sabe passar]. It’s like saying the water is dry, said James Brusch, the wide receiver of the Ravens.

But success in throwing the ball didn’t stop the Ravens quarterback from continuing to do damage. Despite being one of the best passers in the league, Jackson ranks eighth in total running yards and has the third-best average yards per half (6.1) in the NFL..

Denver Broncos player Von Miller said, “Lamar has a lot of problems with passing and running with the ball. Either you attack, he runs and runs, or you wait and give him time for a long pass. He has a lot of problems.” .

Despite the college’s success in Louisville, Lamar came under suspicion in the NFL draft process. During auditions and meetings, many teams wanted him to audition as a wide receiver. Felicia Jones, mother, businesswoman, and player himself stamped their feet and refused to attempt a change of position.

Lamar Jackson no Draft de 2018 – Foto: Tom Pennington / Getty Images

Even at the Combine, Lamar didn’t participate in the 40-yard dash and only took quarterback skill tests, as a signal to teams to focus on his quality as a pass as well as his athletic ability. Amid this scenario, he was only named 32nd, the fifth quarterback to be named, when the Baltimore Ravens went up for his selection..

In the interview immediately following the selection, the No. 8 jersey made a promise: “I’ll give the Super Bowl to the Ravens.” The evolution is clear, the individual awards have arrived, all that remains is to fulfill the first promise and lead Baltimore to the title.

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